Essay Writing: How to Write a Great Essay!

The following is a presentation on tips for essay writing when doing a homework assignment. Writing an essay is not always an easy task, especially getting started. Therefore, we have put together some pointers for essay writing to help students get started. In addition, this presentation contains important information on what to consider when you are essay writing, including research, thesis, outline and writing.

Getting Started

To begin start brainstorming, think about the topic, or question to be answered. Make sure you follow instructions.


Research topics and gather material. Write quotations, if applicable, but acknowledge sources where appropriate.


Stop and think about the thesis, or idea, or argument that answers the question, or purpose of the essay. Be clear about what your thesis is about.


Plan your outline, before you begin writing. This is your blueprint for writing. It should include the following:


The intoduction should be a paragraph that introduces the essay. The thesis should be stated in the introduction.


The body should be several paragraphs in length with examples that explain what the essay is about.


The conclusion should be a one paragraph summary to give the essay an ending.


Here are some tips on writing the essay.

  • Keep sentences simple and clear.
  • Avoid using long sentences that may be confusing to the reader.
  • Don’t try to be perfect on the first draft, just get it all down.
  • Stay focused. Don’t stray from the main topic.
  • Give yourself time to write.
  • Check spelling and grammar in later versions of the essay.

We hope you enjoy the presentation and get valuable information on how to begin and write a great essay.

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